Josef K

Young and Stupid

Young and Stupid

Side 1:
A1. Heart Of A Song
A2. Endless Soul
A3. Citizens
A4. Variation Of A Scene
A5. It's Kinda Funny
A6. Sorry For Laughing

Side 2:
B1. Chance Meeting
B2. Heaven Sent
B3. Drone
B4. Sense Of Guilt
B5. Revelation
B6. Romance

A1, B2: recorded for the John Peel Show, June 1981
A2: previously issued on the NME C81 compilation
A2 to A5, B1, B3, B4: recorded at Castlesound Studios
A5, B1: previously issued on Postcard 80-5
A6, B5: previously issued on Crepuscle TWI 023, recorded at Little Big One Brussels 1981





Josef K – Young and Stupid LP - Supreme International Editions (87-6) - 1987

Young and Stupid Press Release Young and Stupid


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