Josef K


Artist: JOSEF K
Format: Vinyl LP / Digital Download
Cat No: TWI 019
Released: November 2019

Crépuscule presents The Scottish Affair (Part 2), a vibrant live album by iconic Scottish guitar group Josef K recorded at the historic Beursschouwburg arts centre in Brussels on 8th April 1981.

Best known for their association with Postcard Records, Josef K also recorded two singles for Belgian indie Les Disques du Crepuscule (Sorry For Laughing; The Missionary), and also taped studio album The Only Fun In Town in downtown Brussels. The group first performed in the city on New Year's Eve 1980, playing a riotous show with Orange Juice and Marine at legendary warehouse venue Plan K, and resumed their 'Scottish affair' with Crepuscule the following April, cutting their album in a matter of days and performing at the Beursschouwburg as well as a small youth club in Lier three nights later.

At the Beurs show Jokay rattled off 10 songs in just half an hour, with journalist Bert Bertrand noting "several good reasons to get excited" about the visiting quartet. Adds guitarist Malcolm Ross: "We played four dates in Holland on our way to Brussels and then recorded the album in about five days. So we were pretty tight and Paul was in good voice."

Recorded from the mixing desk, all 10 songs have now been newly re-mastered for issue as a vinyl only album, The Scottish Affair (Part 2). Pressed in a limited edition of 1000 copies in clear vinyl, the sleeve features original 1981 poster artwork by designer Jean-Francois Octave printed in black overlaid with metallic gold pantone. The inner bag includes period flyers and images, as well as quotes by Paul Haig, Malcolm Ross, Alan Horne, Michel Duval, Annik Honore, Allan Campbell and Bert Bertrand.

LP tracklist:

A1. Fun 'N' Frenzy
A2. 16 Years
A3. It's Kinda Funny
A4. Crazy To Exist
A5. Forever Drone
B1. Revelation
B2. Citizens
B3. Chance Meeting
B4. Sorry For Laughing
B5. Final Request

Available as a clear vinyl album (with digital download) or digital copy (MP3)

Artist: JOSEF K
Format: Vinyl LP
Cat No: TWI 022
Released: May 2016

Crépuscule presents It's Kinda Funny, a vinyl-only collection of classic singles by iconic Scottish post-punk guitar group Josef K issued between 1979 and 1982.

Josef K: It's Kinda Funny
It's Kinda Funny

LP tracklist:

A1. Romance
A2. Radio Drill Time
A3. It's Kinda Funny
A4. Sorry For Laughing
A5. Chance Meeting
A6. Missionary

B1. Heaven Sent
B2. Revelation
B3. Crazy to Exist
B4. The Angle
B5. Pictures (of Cindy)
B6. Final Request
B7. Chance Meeting (Absolute)

Available as a vinyl LP with digital download coupon from May 2016 at Les Disques du Crepuscule.

Artist: JOSEF K
Format: 2 X LP or CD
Cat No: TWI 052 / TWI 052 CD
Released: May 2014

Crépuscule presents a brand new remastered edition of The Only Fun In Town, the influential debut album by iconic Scottish guitar group Josef K, originally released on Postcard Records in July 1981. Crépuscule itself issued two singles by the band at the time: Sorry For Laughing, and The Missionary.

The Only Fun In Town (Deluxe)
The Only Fun In Town (Deluxe)

This new 2014 remaster is available in two formats. The double vinyl album (TWI 052) arrives housed in a handsome gatefold sleeve (with an art print insert), and by way of bonus tracks also features several Postcard single A and B sides including Radio Drill Time and Chance Meeting. Side 4 features all four tracks from JoKay's celebrated John Peel Session in June 1981, including Heaven Sent and The Missionary.

The CD version (TWI 052 CD) is packaged in a handsome trifold digipack with 12 page booklet, and by way of a bonus also features all 12 tracks from Sorry For Laughing, Josef K's shelved debut album recorded at Castle Sound (Edinburgh) in November 1980, and apparently abandoned because it was thought to sound too polished.

2xLP tracklist:
1. Fun 'n Frenzy
2. Revelation
3. Crazy to Exist
4. It's Kinda Funny
5. The Angle
6. Forever Drone
7. Heart of Song
8. 16 Years
9. Citizens
10. Sorry For Laughing
11. Radio Drill Time
12. Romance
13. Chance Meeting
14. Pictures
15. Final Request
16. The Missionary (Peel)
17. Heaven Sent (Peel)
18. Heart of Song (Peel)
19. Applebush (Peel)

CD tracklist:
1. Fun 'n Frenzy
2. Revelation
3. Crazy to Exist
4. It's Kinda Funny
5. The Angle
6. Forever Drone
7. Heart of Song
8. 16 Years
9. Citizens
10. Sorry For Laughing
11. Fun 'n Frenzy
12. Heads Watch
13. Drone
14. Sense of Guilt
15. Art of Things
16. Crazy to Exist
17. Citizens
18. Variations of Scene
19. Terry's Show Lies
20. No Glory
21. Endless Soul
22. Sorry For Laughing

Original artwork by Krysia Klasicki. TWI 052 was released in May 2014.

Artist: JOSEF K
Cat No: 14 02
Released: 25 February 2014

Josef K Badge (14 01
Josef K: "Valentino's" badge

Artist: JOSEF K
Cat No: 14 01
Released: 21 January 2013

Josef K: The Only Fun In Town badge
Josef K: "The Only Fun In Town" badge


Artist: JOSEF K
Cat No: 13 02
Released: 10 May 2013


Josef K Badge (13 02)

Artist: JOSEF K
Cat No: 13 01
Released: 18 March 2013

A tribute to the famous, and rare as rocking-horse shite, Syuzen Buckley designed 1980 button badge.

This re-pressing is limited to 50 worldwide, and is limited to one per person. Costs £4.70 each, including p&p (air mail in a cosy wee jiffy bag) anywhere in the world.

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Artist: JOSEF K
Format: LP + bonus CD
Cat No: LTMLP 2549 (24 tracks)
Released: 26 November 2012
Barcode: 708527254912

Josef K - Sorry For Laughing
Josef K - Sorry For Laughing

LTM presents the first ever vinyl release of Sorry For Laughing, the legendary first album by cult Scottish guitar group Josef K, recorded for Postcard Records but destined to become the great ‘lost album’ of the post-punk era.

Recorded at Castle Sound Studios (Edinburgh) in November 1980, Sorry For Laughing should have been issued as Postcard 81-1, but was shelved after the band and label boss Alan Horne decided the 12-song set sounded too polished. Perhaps two dozen white-label copies in unmade sleeves exist, and have sold for as much as £1,000 amongst collectors. Josef K issued their second stab at a debut album, The Only Fun In Town, in July 1981 – only to split after completing a promotional tour.

This remastered vinyl-only edition of Sorry For Laughing replicates the original Robert Sharp artwork (a solarised portrait of the band atop Calton Hill, printed in silver pantone), with detailed sleeve notes on the inner bag, and the added bonus of a 12 track CD, The TV Art Demos, featuring all tracks from the band’s very first recording sessions in 1979.

‘They were The Sound of Young Scotland, together with Orange Juice, whose guitars were also radiant and brittle, whose rhythms were also scrubbed and blunt, whose vocals were also proud and serious, but who sounded like another group entirely’ (Paul Morley); ‘In retrospect, their aborted attempt at a debut album feels much superior to what was finally released. The early versions of the songs sound superbly coiled and keen, the sublime poise of Endless Soul their truly timeless blaze of glory’ (Simon Reynolds)

Full tracklist:

Vinyl album (Sorry For Laughing)
A1. Fun ‘n’ Frenzy
A2. Heads Watch
A3. Drone
A4. Sense of Guilt
A5. Art of Things
A6. Crazy to Exist
B1. Citizens
B2. Variation of Scene
B3. Terry’s Show Lies
B4. No Glory
B5. Endless Soul
B6. Sorry For Laughing

Bonus CD (The TV Art Demos)
01. Chance Meeting (take #1)
02. Terry’s Show Lies
03. No Glory
04. Final Request
05. Art of Things
06. Romance (take #1)
07. Torn Mentor
08. Night Ritual
09. Heads Watch
10. Chance Meeting (take #2)
11. Sense of Guilt
12. Romance (take #2)